The new era brought out off its sleeves some new insights to fashion. Every person has developed his or her own fashion statement which became a symbol of who they are. And one of the most popular style is having a tattoo. Tattooing is a trend which has been used even in the ancient time like Polynesian-tattoos. Tattoos are body art drawn using ink usually on parts of the body such as the elbow and the forearm. They could be permanent or temporary depending on the material used. They are usually worn by man. The most common type of tattoo is tribal tattoo which resembles ancient characters and signs like tiger and skull.

The Best Arm Tattoos for Guys and Girls

When you get a skull tattoo you may choose from different designs by consulting an online tattoo gallery. According you will find them under Rock or Gothic sections, or at gangster / dark tatoos. However, skull tattoos for men can be drawn in any other style including polynesian tattoos (see Dmitry Babakhin tatouages). Fire flames, a cross, bones or barber wire often can be found together with skulls tattoos. The main function of a skull tattoo was to inspire fear, to underline the appartenance to a certain band or group. Now this is more a fashion, a trend and many skull tatoos can be seen on M TV rock shows.

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