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posted on 24 May 2013 01:19 by koori91551
Tatouage is a french word meaning tattoo and referring to permanent or temporary drawings on your skin that can be symbols, patterns or images. When you go to a tattooing saloon they will give you a catalog with styles and images (see TattooDorks.com for a free gallery of designs): a snake, an eagle, a lion, a flower, a scorpion, an angel, a dragon... you name it! You can have a tattoo on your ankle, elbow, wrist, on your sexual organs or even on your eyelids!

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One of the most popular choices in tattoos for men is not the boring old skull, but the more attractive and fantastic dragon. Show your confident side by choosing from among some awesome Eastern or Western dragons designs and go scary or mighty, detailed or classic, black or colorful. Dragon tattoos usually represent courage, wisdom, strength and protection. Go crazy with the amazing designs in many online galleries like the website tattoodorks.com and decide whether you want your tats on your back, shoulder, arms or legs. Not sure if you're ready for the commitment, find someone who can do a temporary one and see if you love it or not. Other places for search for the design for you is Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr. Then find your tattoo and get ready to unleash your inner dragon.

You can always choose a variety of designs that will fit your arms, ankle, elbow, forearm or even your back and chest. These may be in the form of a dragon, an angel or even polynesian-tattoos that you may find as sexy or attractive. The important thing is for you to wear it well and also with the right accessories to highlight your assets. As long as a tattoo represents a story or symbolizes something memorable, then you can always get it placed on you. You can also refer to TattooDorks.com to find more articles that will guide you into choosing tattoos that will serve as an asset for your body.